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Licenses / Patents

UNIDENSE® is a patented loading technology, which is available through UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH as the owner, and the following licensed companies:

  • Anabeeb Industrial Services Co.Ltd.
  • Buchen ICS GmbH
  • Catalyst Loading and Services
  • Contract Resources (S) PTE Ltd.
  • Contract Resources
  • Sunray Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Johnson Matthey Plc.
  • Mourik International N.V.
  • Mourik General Contractors Venezuela C.A.
  • Mourik International B.V.
  • Mourik LP
  • Petroval

Clients which intend to use the method have access to the technology through UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH or any of the above mentioned companies. Equipment, loading funnels and loading ropes, which is tailor made to fit each reformer, is only available together with supervision. When UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH is supervising a loading; the loading is either made by a contractor hired by the client or by the plant personnel.