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UNIDENSE® dP Equipment

UNIDENSE® Technology provides an accurate and reliable equipment for reputable accuracy of pressure drop measurement. The dP equipment comes complete with a variety of inflatable bladder to cater the clients reformer tube internal diameter size correctly, restriction orifice to achieve critical air‐flow during dP measurement test.

The UNIDENSE® dP Equipment is very user‐friendly with its light weight designand digital reading up to three (3) decimal points. This increases the accuracy of the measurement and reduces the time consumed without compromising the quality if the data obtained.

UNIDENSE® Videoscope

UNIDENSE® Videoscope is the most important equipment required before any catalyst loading activity commence. It helps client to inspect the tube internal to ensure that it is completely empty with no debris, used catalystor other obstructions remaining. It is also used to determine condition of the outlet catalyst support grid. This camera inspection gives the UNIDENSE® supervisor and client confidence in the tube condition andcleanliness prior to any loading.

Any irregularities observed during the inspection must be corrected immediately and prior to any loadings. Such irregularities are, for example, poor tube cleaning and/or damage to tube or support grid mouse trap).

Benefits of UNIDENSE® dP Equipment & Videoscope

  • Accurate
  • User-Fiendly
  • Simple & Fast
  • Consistent
  • Reliable