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Integral Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System

Quality assurance, health & safety care and environmental protection (HSE) rank high in UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH corporate policy. UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH is assists by the Mourik HSE department in the further development, monitoring and optimizing of the integral HSE management systems. The consultants in this department represent a broad knowledge base in the fields of quality, health & safety and environmental management. Besides this general know-how, each consultant is a specialist in his or his or her own field, together covering the following disciplines:

Continual improvement

This broad base of knowledge and experience has ensured that the aforementioned. The process-oriented HSE management systems, in which a continual striving for improvement in all processes is guaranteed by the PDCA methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act). In this way significant improvements have been brought about in the past years, which is reflected among other things in the excellent scores achieved in the field of safety.

Pro-active participation in trade & industry platforms

UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH pro-active attitude has led to a leading position in the field of HSE management. This is reflected among other things in the participation in various trade & industry platforms in the fields of safety and quality, such as:

Internal safety courses

The HSE Department also develops and organizes various specialist safety courses. The organizing of internal safety courses produces fruitful dialogue with employees and enables flexible anticipation of practical situations. Both the HSE consultants organizing the courses and the employees attending them benefit from these courses.

Meanwhile a lot of experience has been acquired with internal courses and a lot of teaching material has been procured. Today the safety courses enjoy great renown and are attended (inter)nationally by personnel of many fellow subsidiaries and third parties. An essential feature of the courses is their excellent practical orientation. Many courses can be followed in a number of different languages.

It goes without saying that all our operational personnel hold the Basic Safety VCA Certificate (Safety for Contractors).

All senior operational staff from the level of foreman and above also hold the Safety for Operational Supervisors SCC Certificate.

In compliance with the requirements of health, safety and environment we have received the following certificates: