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In 2009, UNIDENSE® Technology GmbH introduces a new loading system which automates the conventional UNIDENSE® method. The UNILOADER® with its innovative features including automatic rope winch, catalyst conveyor belt and both being synchronized to achieve desired density. It has also built-in active dust removal mechanism. In summary, the UNILOADER®  is a machine to automatically load reformer tubes with catalyst using the UNIDENSE® principle.

The UNILOADER® brings new benefits to the UNIDENSE® technology. The possibility for human error is eliminated as all tubes are loaded consistently, resulting in higher uniformity and reducing the pressure drop variation to +/- 3% (For new reformers, = +/- 2% is possible). Attached vacuum cleaner and carefully designed air flow ensures dust-free loading.

Extra UNILOADER® benefits:

  • Human failure eliminated
  • Improved uniform pressure drop variation +/- 3%
  • Faster reformer loading (up to 20% faster as manuell)
  • Highly uniform loading
  • Dust-free loading

Comparison: conventional UNIDENSE® vs. UNILOADER®

Two technicians required to operate the rope and loading funnel Only one Supervisor can operate two UNILOADER®
dP guarantee +/- 5% dP guarantee +/- 3%
Batch loading as the activity pauses when changing buckets  Continuous catalyst loading
Dust removal passively Active de-dusting capability
High human error possibility Eliminates human error